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Keeley - Filaments
MXR - Carbon Copy
MXR - Micro Chorus
Tech 21 - British
Radial - Hot British
Fulltone - '70
MXR - Super Comp
MXR - Smart Gate
Fulltone - OCD


Keeley Filaments
I don't use this pedal much because it just seems flat. The controls affect the tone as if they're just different types of high pass filters all limited to the general mid frequency. There was no affect on the low end, nor sparkle on the top end. I think I got burned on this one. I was beyond the return window by the time I plugged it in.

MXR Carbon Copy
This is a great pedal. It adds a singing quality to solos thats just smooth, smooth, smooth. The Regen control adds an echo to the signal. The Mod button adds a chorusy polish to the tone. This one was well worth the money spent.

MXR Micro Chorus
The Micro Chorus serves as a moderate chorus added to the clean signal for jazz, and fusion styles. It's pretty good for pop rhythm chops too. The rate control does just that, while the chorus level is constant. There will be no dramatic 80's vibe chorusing done with this pedal. This was a good buy for me.

Tech 21 British
This is the center piece of the recording rig. It's based on the Sans Amp speaker simulation with the frequency response set to replicate a Marshall 4X12 stack. Of course, nothing can replicate a well mic'd amplifier in the hands of great production and engineering talent in a studio of the same caliber. Since I don't have the funding for such talent and environment, this pedal will have to do, and it does very well. The drive range goes from clean to hard rock with metal no where in sight. This is a really good pedal for basic tone, drive, and direct recording.

Radial Hot British
This pedal goes into the amplifier simulator pedal set to clean. I use it for hard rock to metal soloing. The frequency response is set to simulate a cranked Marshall stack. The tone controls and switches are quite responsive, and it's sounds great. This box is solid, and of great build quality.

Fulltone '70
This is a fuzz pedal that is just amazing. It's buttery and very quiet. Unlike a lot of, if not most, fuzz pedals, this one does not seem to be on the verge of blowing up, or fizzling out. The sound is defined and quite controllable. The frequency response is enhanced in the middle, so it sits very well in a mix. This gem is worth twice the price.

MXR Super Comp
Very good at it's purpose, as well as a nice boost. However, just the same as all other compressors, it brings the noise. It's great for adding sustain to low gain settings. It's a keeper.

MXR Smart Gate
It does not create a dead silent signal, nor is it designed to. It drastically reduces noise, hum, and kills feedback. Solos are cleaner using this pedal because it really suppresses the sound of fingers slinding across the strings. Getting close to dead silence is possible, but at the cost of sustain.

Fulltone OCD
This one is worth it's weight in gold. It could be sold as just a tone conditioner. It sweetens up and smooths out the sound and turns it into sonic silk. It would be quite a task to get bad tone from this pedal. The drive range goes from break-up to rock, and just maybe hard rock. Topping everything off, it is dead silent. This is absolutely a great pedal.