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About Me

Hello, my name is Trent, and I play guitar. Welcome to my little corner of the cyber world. Although the guitar is my instrument of choice, I also play bass, and keys as well. The technical training I acquired on guitar transfers quite well to the other instruments, in my opinion.

I record the music in my home studio,which I consider my sanctuary, and, or place of asylum. The musical textures span rock,jazz, fusion, and unclassified. These are just references used for the sake of explaination to get a basic idea of the style of music I play and record.

My other hobby is graphic art. I like to dabble in oil, ink, and in time maybe water colors, all within a digital format. Art work is a great means of expression and communication at times when words don't suffice.

If you enjoy the content on this website, then go ahead and bookmark it. I'm always recording new music and creating more art work. Every couple of weeks or so, stop by and see whats new.



"Goodbye Groove"

"Bloom Juice"

"Feelin' Good"